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I have a C project which is compiled in Visual studio 2008 but my IDE is Visual studio 2005 so I want to convert the project from 2008 to 2005 but it is getting error like this

c:\Users\Desktop\New Folder\mg1g1_perfo\Visual Studio 2008

\mg1g1\proj_lib\mg1g1_lib.vcproj Line: 9 Column: 2 Error Message: '9.00'

violates enumeration constraint of '7.00 7,00 7.10 7,10 8.00 8,00'.

The attribute 'Version' with value '9.00' failed to parse. The file

'c:\Users\Desktop\New Folder\mg1g1_perfo\Visual Studio 2008

\mg1g1\proj_lib\mg1g1_lib.vcproj' has failed to load.

Is it okay to try converting from 2008 to 2005???????

The projet folder is contained with SVN(version Control) and its folders. While converting,VSS wizard is giving warning on Vesion control!!! so I tried to open the solution after deleting all the SVN folders

can somebody help me to identify where the trouble???????

your project can upgrade but not downgrade in .net

so, use external tool

visit link...

some discussion on this topic!topic/microsoft.public.dotnet.framework.adonet/_zo4_SydCJI[^]

Happy Coding!
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Ajain A K 14-Dec-12 4:31am    
Hello Aarti,

Thank you very much for the answer and quick response.
Aarti Meswania 14-Dec-12 4:33am    
glad to help you!
Another option would be (if your project is not too complex) creating a fresh VS 2005 project and manually adding herader, source files and settings to it.
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Ajain A K 14-Dec-12 4:32am    
Dear CPallini,

Thanks a lot for the alternative method suggestion and immediate response.
CPallini 14-Dec-12 4:38am    
You are welcome.
Ajain A K 14-Dec-12 5:06am    
Dear CPallini,

I got a compiled C project in Visual Studio2008 with a "Test Environment". My IDE is VSS 2005 and I am instructed to use the test environment, but I have a big confusion on how to integrate this Test Environmemt with Visual Studio 2005. There are some test environment libray files kept in folder "Bin" ( like object file library, application exe, manifest file and program debugg data base) and in "Visual studio folder 2008" (some... USD file, VFPROJ File, Visual Studio project user option file etc) My doubt is... what are the files, should I add into VSS 2005 solution explorer for compile & build????

Am I thinking correct?

do you have any idea OR can provide some good advice

Thanks in advance

Thanks in advance.

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