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i placed a image with empty places in my report viewer

and i did all of thing such as join to data source and etc
and my friend

how work with item in my data set to place in my image
for example, when in my form, fill text box, report viewer put this data on my image.

thanks alot
priyanshbhaliya 16-Dec-12 23:48pm
which type of data u want to display..from form
Tiradan 17-Dec-12 5:20am
data from my form.
user insert simple text, and i want to put this in blank place of image.
Tiradan 17-Dec-12 5:21am
this data will be stored in database, access, dataset.
Ashok19r91d 17-Dec-12 1:01am
Improve your Question for getting better result...
Tiradan 17-Dec-12 5:20am
i did it. thanks. iam waiting for ur help dude
priyanshbhaliya 17-Dec-12 9:49am
as par us details of data ..u can use textbox in report n pass parameter from the form to report.....
Tiradan 17-Dec-12 10:09am
i can add the text box on my image. but how pass data through it?

1 solution

pass parameter from form to report:(vs2010)
1.add textbox to report1.rdlc(report name as example)
2.go to data report(ctrl+alt+d) right-click on parameter n add new
3.IN general tab: name:category(as u wish) & set datatype:text(As par ur form data)
and press ok.
4. use this code to ur form;
Dim cat As New ReportParameter("category", ComboBox1.Text)
ReportViewer1.LocalReport.SetParameters(New ReportParameter() {cat})

change category name to ur parameter name.
replace combobox1.text to as per ur component use in ur form.
Tiradan 17-Dec-12 13:14pm
thanks dude, i cant get mean of "reportviewer1"
i can access it, but local report will not be accessable
priyanshbhaliya 17-Dec-12 23:55pm
it is viewer on ur form that display "report1.rdlc"(example file name)
file content on ur form.
go to toolbox->reporting-> u see two component 1.pointer 2.reportviewer

also use in ur form : Imports Microsoft.Reporting.WinForms

now u can access local report on ur form code....
priyanshbhaliya 18-Dec-12 13:23pm
hey dude....ur problem is slove or not

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