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Hi All,

Would you please provide any Sample Project on Molecular Weight Calculator in web/windows application using c#

Suppose For example,
I want to findout the weight for formula NaCl i.e., Sodium Chloride.
Here the atomic weight for sodium is 22.99 g/mol and the atomic weight for chlorine is 35.45 g/mol.
So the formula weight for NaCl is [1(22.99)+1(35.45)]=58.44 g/mol
At last like this,
NaCl=58.44 g/mol

Suppose if I enter the formula in one textbox like NaCl
then when i click on Submit button then it wants to show the Answer like 58.44 g/mol in the other Textbox.

Venkatesh Desai k.
Updated 17-Dec-12 20:10pm

This is trivial. You should either attempt it and then ask for help, or advertise to pay someone to do it, if you literally have no clue ( and therefore have no intention of becoming a programmer )
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you have all the information to start your project. may be you can start playing with windows application using different controls etc. try your luck and if faced any error we will help you for sure.
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