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Hi All,
how to disable browser back button?

Christian Graus 18-Dec-12 23:43pm
This is useless. It's not possible to disable the back button
[no name] 18-Dec-12 23:57pm
Please take a look at online demo from given link.. :)
Christian Graus 19-Dec-12 0:01am
I know you can write code that seems to work. But, I can stop it from working. Making it useless. What good is security that only works when people want it to ?
[no name] 19-Dec-12 0:17am
Ya I know question is uncertain but what we can do ? As question was asked, I've provided solution... Now it's up to 'em how they deal with it...
Christian Graus 19-Dec-12 1:03am
You left someone with no idea what they are doing, with the impression that it's possible to defeat the back button in the browser. It is not, in any meaningful way. Sometimes the answer people want, is not the correct answer.
You can't. Every solution anyone might give you, will only work for people who don't want to stop it working. To even try is idiotic. Fix your code so your site works, don't try to work around poor code with a hack that is easily defeated
try this javascript code will help you
<script language="javascript">window.onback=history.forward();</script>

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