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I want to avoid cross script attack to a data passed as javascript in with c#. I am passing data in javascript where label data passed to the input html controls where data manipulation is being done from the pop up screen/window

document.getElementById('ctl00_cphDDS_lblSelectedOriginator').innerHtml = dialogWindow.CompanyName;

What I have tried:

Passing javascript function as below:
<pre>function showModalWindowForUtilityOIC_PAUT(cntrl) {
    if (SessionTimeOutRedirection()) {
        var Bank = document.getElementById('ctl00_cphDDS_ddlBankType').value;
        var dialogWindow = window.showModalDialog('ViewOIC.aspx?Bank=' + Bank + '&&Type=U&&InstructionCode=' + cntrl, 'mywindow', 'dialogWidth:875px; dialogHeight:400px; center:yes; status = no; toolbar = no; menubar = no');
        if (dialogWindow != null) {
            //Updated on 10.06.2019 for Cross Side Script Attack Start
            document.getElementById('ctl00_cphDDS_lblSelectedOriginator').innerHTML = dialogWindow.CompanyName;
        return true;
Updated 13-Jun-19 22:12pm

1 solution

You need to html encode the text when setting it to innerHTML. I'm not sure javascript has a built-in function to do this, but there is sample code on how to do it if you google

HTML Encode and Decode with Javascript - Strictly Software[^]
ranio 14-Jun-19 4:59am
what about using innerText instead of innerHtml
document.getElementById('ctl00_cphDDS_lblSelectedOriginator').innerText = dialogWindow.CompanyName;
F-ES Sitecore 14-Jun-19 5:08am
Try it and see

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