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I have a SQL job. If the job fails / succeeds, I want to send the mail to user.

For this, I created an operator under SQL Server Agent and put down my email address in the E-mail name text box under Notification Options.

Then, on the Properties of my created SQL job, under the Alerts section, I created new alert. Checked the Notify Operators check box and selected the newly created Operator.

I think this is what we have to do to receive mail if the job fails/succeeds.

But I am not able to receive any mail. When I checked the Error Log, it showed me this error message, "Error,[264] An attempt was made to send an email when no email session has been established"

I referred this[^]

link for the help but start/ stop/ restart of SQL Server Agent is of no help.

Can anybody help me to receive mail after the sql job completes???

Any help appreciated.



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Lokesh Zende 19-Dec-12 8:09am    
Sir I used the same procedure to create my profile n account to send the mail.
I tried sending the test mail as well, it worked. but now I want to send the mail if any SQL job fails / succeeds.
And btw, I like your blog as well. Its very helpful for newbies like me.
__TR__ 19-Dec-12 8:27am    
The CP article i refereed here is not written by me. So i am not taking that credit.
To send an email you need to call the stored procedure sp_send_dbmail after a job is done.
Lokesh Zende 19-Dec-12 8:33am    
Will I not need to specify anything int the Notification or Alert section of the Job Properties? If I have to call the procedure "sp_send_dbmail" after a job is done, then what is the use of setting the mail account and creating the profile as described in the post? I was expecting that the mail id I put while creating the mail account, will get the notification mails.
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Lokesh Zende 19-Dec-12 8:15am    
Thanks for your reply Prasad.
I know how to create and schedule a job. I want to receive a mail when my scheduled job succeeds or fails.
I had set up everything as needed and as I already described in my question, but don't know why I was not receiving any mail. I had also restarted me machine so many times yesterday but to no luck.
Today when I opened my mailbox, I started receiving mails for the sql job completion.

I still have few more questions about it, but I will start a new thread instead.

Thanks everyone.
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