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i found some nice sourcecode to open a dxf and show it in a picturebox.
now the problem is that most dxf files here at work are using polylines and those source code's do not support this.

i also tried DocumentUltimate nuGet(to convert it to a pdf, and show the pdf instead of an image), but it needs Framework 4.0 or above, and the computers where the program needs to work on can only use framework 3.5.

does anyone knows of such sourcecode, or can someone help me with this?

the program i wrote is VB, but if someone can help me in C# i might figure out to change it to VB

What I have tried:

I've searched on google (nothing with polyline support)
Searched on Code Project (nothing with polyline support)
tried to figure out how to implement it in an existing source code myself. (Fail)
Updated 17-Jun-19 23:21pm

1 solution

netDxf[^] can read DXF files and it supports Polylines. I don't think it supports conversion from DXF to an image, but if you can at least read the file, you can probably extract and draw what you need.

I'm also not sure if it supports .NET 3.5 -- the readme file mentions .NET 4.5. You'll have to check if it also compiles for 3.5.
Member 14053156 18-Jun-19 7:40am
i tried netDXF, it works but you need something like autocad or draftsight on the computer to open the file.
the computers have low memory, and low harddisk capacity. (the just have enough for the plc's to work).
since i have to be able to open it on more then 1 computer i would need more licences anyway, and draftsight will also be payed later this year.
Thomas Daniels 18-Jun-19 7:41am
Oh, I see. I didn't know about that restriction... then I have no other suggestion.
Member 14053156 18-Jun-19 7:43am
no problem, thanks anyway for thinking for a solution :)

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