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I need to create a new customized .NET component allowing entry of numeric data rather than text. it would allow editing of data of its properties as well as creation of event handlers by object inspector. It should inherit from TextBox and validate data to correspond to a numeric string, and return two types of data, double and long. Should have a property bool IntegerType, if true returns long, else double.. please help!! This is not homework! thx..
Updated 9-Jan-10 2:32am

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We don't do people's homework for them.

EDIT ================

I strongly doubt the veracity of your claim that it's not homework. Since you're a programmer, and you know your requirements, why don't you at least TRY to do it yourself? Then, if/when you have problems, come back here and ask a SPECIFIC question. Expecting someone here to just crap out some code is NOT the right way to approach us. This Quick Answer thing is expressly for that - providing a quick answer - not full-blown development for wankers that are too lazy to wipe their own anal pores.
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