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Hi all,

I'm converting a C++ code use to interface to a proprietary USB driver to C#. I want to get rid of using a C++ dll and wrap the interface it in a C# class.

When I call SetupDiGetDeviceInterfaceDetail in C++, the code returns the following working path:


I can use this path without any problem in C++ to access my driver.

When I do the same function call in C#, the returned path is "\\".

It seems that C# doesn't support a "?" in the path string. Hardcoding the valid path in FileStream constructor always return and invalid path error if the "?" is present in the string.

Any idea why C# refuses it or doesn't return the right path?


I found the trouble with my path search. My destination buffer wasn't declared correctly. The path is now retreive correctly. But I still have the "?" caracter refused when I try to create the FileStream.

string DevPath = @"\\?\usb#vid_1fed&pid_0002#6&2bc2ca&0&3#{51fe8f30-ef12-11dd-ba2f-0800200c9a66}\PIPE00";

FileStream fs = new FileStream(DevPath, FileMode.Open, FileAccess.Read, FileShare.Read);
FileStream returns "Illegal characters in path. "
Updated 21-Dec-12 10:29am
CHill60 21-Dec-12 12:14pm    
Can you post your C# code that calls the function?

1 solution

I found a similar issue on the net not sure whether you gone through this or not. If not check this win32api-usb-setupdigetdeviceinterfacedetail-fail[^]
this is something related to the PInvoke API call

excert from the above link
// build a Device Interface Detail Data structure
 if (IntPtr.Size == 8) // for 64 bit operating systems
     didd.cbSize = 8; 
 else  didd.cbSize = 4 + Marshal.SystemDefaultCharSize; // for 32 bit systems 

some info here too MSDN[^]
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