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hi frnds!!

i create store procedure for inset data into table.

@No=select max(no) from reg_table //select maximum no from other table
insert into table values('1','101',@No);

i want to do this but @no not store result of query.

how can fetch NO and insert it into table???
[no name] 22-Dec-12 2:30am    
will you please elaborate?
[no name] 22-Dec-12 2:34am    
ya, sure!!!

In short how can we store value of query in STORE PROCEDURE.
[no name] 22-Dec-12 2:35am    
you understand my problem?

@No=select max(no) from reg_table

select @No = max(no) from reg_table

That should resolve your issue.
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[no name] 22-Dec-12 5:21am    
Thank You Dear ,

Thx again.
__TR__ 22-Dec-12 6:15am    
You're welcome.
this will also help
select @No = max(no) from reg_table
insert into table values('1','101',@No);

insert into table
(Select max(no) from reg_table)

Happy Coding!
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[no name] 22-Dec-12 5:22am    
thx for solution.....but solved by above solution.
Aarti Meswania 22-Dec-12 5:27am    
okay that's nice!
and Welcome! :)
Glad to help you! :)
[no name] 22-Dec-12 5:35am    
:) okay.
can you help, how can debug Store Procedure?
i want to see value of variable belongs to SP.
Aarti Meswania 22-Dec-12 5:38am    
you can do so if you are using sql 2008 but nope if it's lower version of sql
[no name] 22-Dec-12 5:40am    
ya, m using 2008 :)

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