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In VB.Net a package called
can be imported to a working form or to a class. But I tried this by doing C# like
Using System.Data.DataTable
gives me an error, saying "A using a namespace directive can only be applied to namespaces;'System.Data.DataTable is a type not a namespace'.

Then how am I able to use DataTable in C# 2008 ?

Please help me if you guys have some time.

Thank You!

Replace it with
using System.Data;
And the DataTable class will be avaialble:
DataTable dt = new DataTable();
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Chiranthaka Sampath 23-Dec-12 3:12am    
Ok pal I will try that! Thanks anyway!
You cannot use a class with using which basically defines just a 'shortcut' to a namespace, like imports in VB.

Instead you define a variable which holds an instance of the class and assign an instance to it.

An example from MSDN[^]:
private void MakeDataTableAndDisplay()
    // Create new DataTable.
    DataTable table = new DataTable();

    // Declare DataColumn and DataRow variables.
    DataColumn column;
    DataRow row;

    // Create new DataColumn, set DataType, ColumnName 
    // and add to DataTable.    
    column = new DataColumn();
    column.DataType = System.Type.GetType("System.Int32");
    column.ColumnName = "id";

    // Create second column.
    column = new DataColumn();
    column.DataType = Type.GetType("System.String");
    column.ColumnName = "item";

    // Create new DataRow objects and add to DataTable.     
    for(int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
        row = table.NewRow();
        row["id"] = i;
        row["item"] = "item " + i;
    // Set to DataGrid.DataSource property to the table.
    dataGrid1.DataSource = table;
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