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i want to compare two string values and remove common characters from both strings.

i tried this but got stuck how implement above mentioned logic

Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
 Dim fbn As String
 Dim Sbn As String
 fbn = TextBox1.Text.ToString
 Sbn = TextBox2.Text.ToString

Please help me i goggled but didn't find right answer

please give me that piece of code!!!!!!
Posted 22-Dec-12 15:51pm
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Solution 1

Hi Charuwaka,

I think this is quite simple until you want to perform something specific. Below is an example:

Dim str1, str2 As String
       str1 = "Sunny"
       str2 = "Manish"
       For Each c As Char In str1
           If (str2.IndexOf(c) > -1) Then
               str2 = str2.Remove(str2.IndexOf(c), 1)
               str1 = str1.Remove(str1.IndexOf(c), 1)
           End If
       Console.WriteLine("String 1: " + str1 + ", String 2:" + str2)

Hope this helps.

Happy Coding :)
charuwaka 23-Dec-12 0:40am
Please provide code in visual basic format
Sunnykumar08 23-Dec-12 6:57am
Hi Charuwaka, I've modified the answer for VB... please check and accept the answer if it works. It helps others finding the right answer in one go.
charuwaka 23-Dec-12 21:26pm
Dear Sunny,

Thank You Very Much i think your code worked, i tried this but i want to display my result in Third text box . How can i do that please tell me kindly

<pre lang="vb">Public Class Form1
Private Sub Button1_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles Button1.Click
Dim fbn As String
Dim Sbn As String

fbn = TextBox1.Text
Sbn = TextBox2.Text
For Each c As Char In fbn
If (Sbn.IndexOf(c) > -1) Then
Sbn = Sbn.Remove(Sbn.IndexOf(c), 1)
fbn = fbn.Remove(fbn.IndexOf(c), 1)
End If

Console.WriteLine("String 1: " + fbn + ", String 2:" + Sbn)

End Sub
End Class</pre>

i have totaly three text boxes in third text box i want to display the result. after eliminating common terms in both strings the sum of characters in both strings = TextBox3.Text

Sunnykumar08 24-Dec-12 1:40am
Hi Charuwaka, just append the code with like below:
"Textbox3.Text=Sbn+Fbn" that's all... this will show the output in third textbox. And please accept the solution as answer if it helped you for the reasons I mentioned above. Thanks.
charuwaka 24-Dec-12 2:34am
Dear SunnyKumar,

Your excellent Thanks for spending your valuable time>Merry Christmas To You & all Family!!!

is there any code to caluculate the below explained please try or leave it

this is the string FlAMES Think That Number Is 6 starting from i count FLAMES where it comes 6 i remove that character and i will count another letter where the character eliminated and finally in this process a character will be remained
i.e M for this i need code if completes my code will complete Please try if not just leave

Once Again thank You Very Much!!!!!
Sunnykumar08 24-Dec-12 2:43am
Dear Charuwaka, I'm glad I could be of help. Please elaborate on the question above as I couldn't get the real picture what exactly what do you want to say. Also, Please accept my solution as answer (hover on the solution and it will display a button "Accept Answer"). It gives credit to the helper and you also will get some points. Thanks for the wishes... Merry Chrismas to you & Family !!
charuwaka 24-Dec-12 2:50am
Thank You Very Much,

Merry Christmas To You And All Your Family Members!!!

Please try a code for me So My Project Completes or Leave It

If the obtained length of eliminated common characters is 6
My Default String Is Flames I will count from F Where The Position of 6 occurs i will cancel that character . and it goes on and i will second time from next of eliminated character Finally a letter remain that letter is displayed in 4th text box .Can u implement this logic

Please help me or just try i am beginner that's why i am asking this this new Logic. And I didn't find any reference for this in Google.

Thank you very for spending Your valuable time!!!!
Sunnykumar08 24-Dec-12 4:54am
Hi Charuwaka, still I'm not clear with the scenario. Do you want to skip every 6th matching character or you want to skip matching characters on every 6th position. Would be great if you could demonstrate this by a simple example.
charuwaka 24-Dec-12 6:08am
Leave all Before What I said,
see i converted the Result of two strings to lenght and assigned value lenght to Rtn. according to that example :charu,swyrik two strings in two text boxes
after eliminating common terms :cshwayuik total =9 depending on this result i wrote below code But it always showing sister .please give me a code that displays according to lenght in third text box

Dim Rtn As String
Select Case Rtn
Case 1
Lnt = 1
TextBox3.Text = " Sister"
Case 2
Lnt = 2
TextBox3.Text = "Enemy"
Case 3
Lnt = 3
TextBox3.Text = "Enemy "
Case 4
Lnt = 4
TextBox3.Text = "Enemy"
Case 5

Lnt = 5
TextBox3.Text = "Friend"
Case 6
Lnt = 6
TextBox3.Text = "Marrage "
Case 7
Lnt = 7
TextBox3.Text = "Enemy"
Case 8
Lnt = 8
TextBox3.Text = "Affection"
Case 9
Lnt = 9
TextBox3.Text = "Enemy"
Case 10
Lnt = 10
TextBox3.Text = "Lover "
End Select
End Sub
End Class

There is no error while debugging always showing "sister" thats all event though lenght is 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8,9,10;

please help me
Sunnykumar08 24-Dec-12 7:25am
What I can guess from the code above is, switch code block is all fine, check for the Rtn value before it's passing through the "switch case". Put a breakpoint on Rtn before it's passed inside switch statement to track whether it is changing or always "1". Hope you understand now. If still find trouble, share the code so that I can grab the point. Thanks.
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Solution 2

Public Function stringLength(s1 As [String], s2 As [String]) As Integer
	For i As Integer = 0 To Math.min(s1.length(), s2.length()) - 1
		If s1.charAt(i) <> s2.charAt(i) Then
			Return s1.length() - i
		End If
	Return s1.length()
End Function
' from Stack Overflow

or else see here[^]....

[Edit]Code converted from C# to VB.NET[/Edit]
charuwaka 23-Dec-12 3:29am
Dear Krunal,

please provide code for visual basic format not in C#
Krunal Rohit 23-Dec-12 3:36am
use online converter..
ProgramFOX 23-Dec-12 9:13am
If the OP asks for VB.NET code, then you need to convert the C# code to VB.NET code.
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Solution 3


Try this:
For i As Integer = 0 To Math.Min(fbn.Length, sbn.Length) - 1
	If fbn(i) = sbn(i) Then
		fbn.Remove(i, 1)
		sbn.Remove(i, 1)
	End If

Hope this helps.
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Solution 4

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