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So I'm having a very weird problem... I'm working on a project which does some Reflection stuff. One of the things it does is read the name of methods. I've got code that, in essence, looks like the following.
Public Class Form1

   Private Sub Form1_Load(sender As System.Object, e As System.EventArgs) Handles MyBase.Load
      Me.Something(AddressOf Test)
   End Sub

   Private Sub Test()
   End Sub

   Private Sub Something(ByVal a As Action)
      Dim name As String = a.Method.Name
   End Sub

End Class
So in Something you would expect the name to be Test, right? Correct. Except that in the project I'm currently working on it's __lambda_1 or something... I looked it up on the internet and found some C# examples. Tried this code in C# and it worked. Then tried it in another VB project and it worked. Tried it on another machine and it worked... Why the hell does this one project compile my named method into an anonymous one? In fact it seems this project compiles every delegate I use into an anonymous method.
If the compiler randomly decides to create all kinds of 'lambda' stuff I obviously can't use this...
Any ideas? Thanks.
Updated 23-Dec-12 0:46am
Mehdi Gholam 23-Dec-12 7:44am
Check if the "optimize code" is set in your project.
Sander Rossel 23-Dec-12 7:55am
Compile options are exactly the same for the projects that work correctly and the project that doesn't. 'Enable optimazations' is off for all projects.
So I turned it on for the project that wasn't working correctly and it works again. When I turn optimazations off again it keeps working...
Good to know compilation is basically a game of Russian roulette... =/
Thanks for the help! You should add this as a solution so I can accept it as an answer.
Mehdi Gholam 23-Dec-12 8:04am
Sander Rossel 23-Dec-12 10:43am
Accepted :)

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Check if the "optimize code" is set in your project.

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