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I have following simple interface
public interface IWrite {

void SaveToFile(string path);

public class A :IWrite {

[CustomSerialize('some value')]
public B B1 {get;set}

[CustomSerialize('some value')]
public C C1 {get;set}


public class B :IWrite{

public class C :IWrite{

I wrote following code to get a list of properties that has my custom attribute from class A

List<propertyinfo> result = this.GetType().GetProperties()
p =>
.GetCustomAttributes(typeof(CustomSerializeAttribute), false)
.Any(ca => ((CustomSerializeAttribute) ca).SerializeType == 'some value')

I know that every propertyInfo in the result list has interface implementation of IWrite

My question is , how actually I am invoking SaveToFile() method for each property in the result list

Means , I would like to invoke SaveToFile() on B1 and C1 objects

Thanks a lot,

What I have tried:

I tried

result.ForEach(x =>
MethodInfo m = x.PropertyType.GetMethod("SaveToFile");
m.Invoke(x.GetValue(this, null), new object[] { "path" });

But GetMethod returns always null

What I am doing wrong ??
Updated 23-Jun-19 15:11pm
lmoelleb 23-Jun-19 11:57am
Typically GetMethod returns null if the binding flags are not correct. But if you get the value of the property and you know it implements IWrite - why not just cast it to IWrite and call SaveToFile directly?

I do not understand why you think you need reflection here.

You can serialize an instance of 'A, and that will include the instances of 'B, 'C: public Properties with both 'get and 'set can be serialized: [^].
Instead of invoking the get method., why don't you just get the property's .Value?

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