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I am Working with web browser, where i want to launch an application
(VC++ application .exe) when i enter the Username and Password in the
web browser and click enter the window application should be launch on the browser page.

I tried with Registry like

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

@="URL:Open YourApp Protocol"
"URL Protocol"=""




@="D:\\shravan\\Application\\Debug\\Application.exe\" \"%1\""

i set the registry.

but after this what should i do i am unable to go futher.

can anyone guide me on this, i am struck in middle.

As i am new to web browser implementation.

Kindly help me out on this issue.
Not clear. Username/password of what? Why doing something with the registry at all? Does it have to be the application prescribed in Registry, or it can be anything? Where the user indicates which one to run? Why doing all that? Any reasonable goal?
Kumar 09 26-Dec-12 3:05am
main aim is that, suppose gmail where we are entering the username and password for login in to the account after entering the username and password i want to launch my own application (vc++.exe) for extra security reasons.
Kumar 09 26-Dec-12 3:22am
after the entering the username and password i need to call the .exe where face recognition of particular user has to be done then only login user can check his mail. It is for security purpose and malware.
Mohibur Rashid 26-Dec-12 3:21am
gmail is a web based application. Using example of gmail compared with exe is miss leading. Now, the issue is you want to know is not clear enough. Do you want to create your own web-browser?
Kumar 09 26-Dec-12 3:26am
just i gave the example of the gmail. but i need to create my own web browser with username and password and after entering username and password i want to launch the .exe.
Mohibur Rashid 26-Dec-12 3:56am
You want your browser to be password protected? do you know that Firefox has its own password protection. Most probably Chrome also has the same feature. Would it do?
Mohibur Rashid 26-Dec-12 3:56am
one more note, firefox source is downloadable from firefox website
Kumar 09 26-Dec-12 4:00am
ok thank u but how to launch an .exe
Mohibur Rashid 26-Dec-12 4:12am

look at the above link. I found it on google
ranjithsubra 17-Mar-16 8:20am
Hello Kumar,
For example , If click the Login button after entering the username and password . If the credentials are correct , you are moving execute the exe right ?

If that is the case , You may use CreateProcess function and you have to pass the command line arguments as a exe name in that.


Another way you can use shellexeute API , to exeute the exe.


Using VC++ or MFC Application, the following way you can start or execuite the application,



There is a sample code, you can download from the link

[Create ActiveX in NET Step by Step]
I think you can use ActiveX to launch an 'exe' from a webbrowser.

To understand ActiveX, you can refer the below url.

[Create ActiveX in NET Step by Step]
Kumar 09 26-Dec-12 4:00am
any sample example? can i have
Dominic Abraham 26-Dec-12 4:29am
There is a sample code, you can download from the link

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