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i want to find a specific div tag of a website's page in my own webpage using how to do it. please help me.


You need to add an id attribute and runat="server" into your div:
<div id="div1" runat="server">Your content</div>

Now, in your code-behind file, you can use div1 as a variable:
C# code:
string htmlInDiv1 = div1.InnerHtml;

VB.NET code:
Dim htmlInDiv1 As String = div1.InnerHtml

If the div is in an external page, then you need to read the XML of the page:[^]
XML File Parsing in VB.NET[^]

Hope this helps.
saifullahiit 26-Dec-12 5:18am
suppose in your code the div with id "div1" is a tag in a webpage say i want to access that "div1" tag in my own web page. so how i will reference to page?
Thomas Daniels 26-Dec-12 6:17am
I updated my answer.
Give id to div tag and add runat="server" attribute, then u will be able to access the div in c#.

To add content to Div use divID.InnerText or divID.InnerHTML = "content"

Hope this helps!

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