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Hello I created a query which gives me 29 records exactly

 select u.Name,u.UserDescription, u.UserEmail, g.GroupDescription
 from [GroupMembers] gm
 inner join [Users] u
 on gm.GroupMemberObjectID = u.UserID
 inner join[Groups] g
 on g.GroupID = gm.GroupID
 where gm.GroupID = 43
 and gm.GroupMemberObjectType = 205
order by u.UserDescription

What I would like to do is join my Apps table to the above query but with only the condition where gm.GroupMemberObjectType is 201.

select a.AppDescription
  from [GroupMembers] gm
  inner join [Apps] a
  on a.AppID = gm.GroupMemberObjectID
  where gm.GroupMemberObjectType = 201
  and gm.GroupID = 43

So my final select should look like this
select u.Name,u.UserDescription, u.UserEmail, g.GroupDescription, a.AppDescription

What I have tried:

When I tried to inner my Apps table to the original query results becomes wrong because the app id is now joining where the object is 205 instead of 201.
Updated 26-Jun-19 10:05am
MadMyche 26-Jun-19 15:06pm    
Your two statements have contradicting WHERE clauses; one is gm.GroupMemberObjectType = 201 and the other is gm.GroupMemberObjectType = 205.
Member 13806552 26-Jun-19 15:11pm    
Yeah the App table can only be joined that includes the where clause of the gm.GroupMemberObjectType being 201. That is whats' causing my issue.

1 solution

First of all, i'd strongly suggest to read this excellent article: Visual Representation of SQL Joins[^]

You probably need to use different type of join.
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