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I'm unable to move the mouse from the primary monitor to the secondary monitor in the left to right direction.I observed that moving the mouse to the left of the primary monitor actually makes it appear on the right of the secondary monitor. So then, how can you make it work vice versa i.e. primary-right to secondary-left?

I need to approach using c# application not through windows display settings.please guide us if you faced this issue
Thanks in advance

What I have tried:

No clue to approach using c#.please guide us to sample application to achieve this.
Updated 27-Jun-19 21:20pm

1 solution

The problem is that you have your monitors set up wrong: Windows thinks they are in the wrong places, so it moves the mouse as you have told it.
Me? I'd set it right in Windows display settings, because it's a one-off change that is applicable to just that one system and no other.

Can you do it in C#? Possibly, but I've never tried (nor do I want to play with it). This may help: winforms - How do I enable a second monitor in C#? - Stack Overflow[^] If you can enable it, you should be able to set where it is, but the link at least gives you the API references you will need.

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