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I have written the programmm, but my code is not functioning.If anyone could provide a working example, it would be very kind.


What I have tried:

I have tried doing with Socket class but ist not functioning and it doesnt shows me any error. So i find it dfficult to understand weher the mistake is
Updated 11-Jul-19 21:08pm

1 solution

Google for "C++ sockets" and you will find many samples.
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Member 14499788 12-Jul-19 3:57am    
Hi, I tried doing with many examples, but my packet is not send!
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jul-19 4:36am    
Then there must be something wrong with your code.
Member 14499788 12-Jul-19 5:13am     CRLF
Actually my project is dealing with UDP and TCP Sockets. Via UDP communication UDP packet is received , and then some editing is done and this packet is send via TCP. But the TCP packets are not send! this all process is done using multithread processing
Richard MacCutchan 12-Jul-19 5:17am    
Please think about what you are posting here. We have no idea what your code is doing, or what results you see or do not see, so we cannot begin to guess what your problem may be. If you want us to help you then you need to edit your question and provide some proper details, including the code where the problem occurs.

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