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In Simple,
Server has a TV Tuner Card and want to stream any live TV channel over HTTP.
Client will use the HTML5 Video object to view the Live Channel.

In Other word. I want to broadcast live cricket match on my website.

I want this to be done in C#.

What I have tried:

I have Tried Ozeki Camera SDK. This sends Image frames rather than Video and the size are too heavy that it cannot work on slow network.
Updated 11-Jul-19 23:25pm
CHill60 12-Jul-19 3:52am    
So you've said what you want but you haven't asked a question - this is a Quick Answers forum

Take a look at LeadTools: Multimedia Capture SDK Technology | LEADTOOLS[^]
Another option might be StreamCoder MediaSuite: Streamcoders | MediaSuite Overview[^]
It's a bit pricey though ...
Another option might be to use DirectX, see: DirectX.Capture Class Library[^]
But as the article is rather old, I doubt this will work flawlessly with HTML5 and Windows 10.
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What you're doing is almost certainly illegal so it's unlikely anyone will be willing to help.
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Huzaifa HK 12-Jul-19 6:06am    
Above is just an example. Main Idea is something different which cannot be shared right now.

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