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Are entityframework core 2.1 have problem on concurrency or not ?

i work on core 2.1 entity framework web application mvc

we need to make big web application library so that i ask more developers that using entityframework core 2.1

and he tell me that have more problem on concurrency meaning when more user work on same time

it will do problem when saving records ?

so that i ask are this correct or not 

What I have tried:

when insert more records on same time are this will make problem on entityframework core 2.1
Updated 31-Jul-19 16:20pm
Richard Deeming 1-Aug-19 14:51pm
NB: For a web application, the recommendation is to create one instance of your DbContext class per request. If you're trying to use a single context across multiple requests, or across the entire application, then you will have serious problems.

1 solution

No, there is no problem. YOU have to learn what concurrency is, what your app requirements for multiple users editing the same records are, and how to configure EF and your database to handle concurrency that way you need it to be done.

Start reading: Handling Concurrency Conflicts - EF Core | Microsoft Docs[^]

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