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Hi Friends,
For my question, there may be many solution but nothing fits to my exact
please help. It is URGENT.

Using DocumentFormat.OpenXML, I am able to upload the excel file to my project.
But now, I have a DISPLAY button. Clicking on that, the uploaded excel file
should open in browser in xlsx format only.

And I should be able to edit and SAVE it back in browser itself.

I do not need to download because I do not have MS OFFICE installed.

What I have tried:

I am not getting any clue how to do that.
Updated 14-Aug-19 0:14am
Richard Deeming 13-Aug-19 11:15am
No, it's not "URGENT" for anyone except you.

And writing an online spreadsheet editor is not a simple task. It's certainly not something that fits the definition of a "quick answers" forum. And it's unlikely that anyone would be prepared to do that and give it to you for free.

Google will find you several alternatives, most of which will cost money.
BubunDash 14-Aug-19 12:02pm
HI Richard ,
Thanks for your reply.

But that really sounds very hard to me.

I know, there are many 3rd party API available to meet my requirement, but, as because I do not want to buy , also, I know, it is not easy coding , so I wanted help from you guys who are really genius in coding.

What is the point, that , if you tell me like "And it's unlikely that anyone would be prepared to do that and give it to you for free. "

At this situation, we use the word called as "HELP". Am I not correct ?
Richard Deeming 14-Aug-19 13:51pm
There's a world of difference between helping you to fix your code, and writing a complete solution for a complex problem and handing it to you for free.

1 solution

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Solution 1

In a short: Don't do that!
There's ton of reasons:
1) you have to understand the differences between client side vs. server side code running[^].
2) multi-user access to the same file in the same moment may cause several isssues, like: loosing data, loosing format... See:
Losing Data in a Shared Workbook (Microsoft Excel)[^]
Common issues of shared workbook[^].
3) etc.

I would rather use a database and ASP.NET form.
BubunDash 14-Aug-19 12:15pm
Hi Maciej,
A Good Day to you.
Thanks a lot for reply.
Actually, my requirement is meant for ADMIN user.
That means:
1.After uploading excel file, let’s assume, it is available on a portal., either as a Hyperlink OR with a display button.
2. If there are 2 admin, then only one ADMIN can log in to that page , view ,edit and can save.
Concurrent access to that page is NOT ALLOWED and I have already done coding for that.
3. My problem is, While clicking on that Display button OR hyper linked excel file, it should open as EXCEL file in some excel editor . Here I want to use DocumentFormat.OpenXML.
I have written code to display excel file in GRIDVIEW. It is also working.
But my code only reads structured / RAW excel sheet data that is data present in rows and columns .Just a normal excel file.
But if an excel file has merged cells,or any image etc etc, then it is problem for me.
I do not want to buy any 3rd party API/Editor.
Is it possible to do it using DocumentFormat.OpenXML OR Open Office ?

after uploading a EXCEL file, I have to open it
Maciej Los 18-Aug-19 13:59pm
As i've stated, don't do this. Seems, you want to create some GUI to help user to insert/edit data. You have to do that via form and EPPlus[^] library, for example.

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