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We have a dozen sites and a bunch of document libraries and lists in SharePoint O365 (not a hybrid installation, purely on O365) and we need a report on permissions. We need to be able to annually (or on demand) run a report that shows who has what permissions on a site or a document library/list. Ideally, we need to be able to run a report on all the sites and their lists, or at least on one site and all its lists that would show a list of users and what their access is.

What I have tried:

I have been searching for this for a while and I have only found solutions for in-house installations or hybrid installations. Our installation is 100% on O365. I know I can go into a site or list and see the permissions for it, but we have a lot of site and a lot of lists. I have tried adapting on-premise PowerShell code to work on our cloud instance, but I have not found anything that works.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.
Gerry Schmitz 15-Aug-19 15:18pm
You researched and answered your own question. Now you want someone to refute your findings? Chase a wild goose?
Jono Martin 15-Aug-19 18:25pm
I do not understand how you came to that conclusion. I researched and found nothing helpful. That's why I posted here in the hopes that someone may have found a solution. Do you have one?
Gerry Schmitz 16-Aug-19 10:48am
"Good news" travels fast. No news .........

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