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Hi Friends,

I have a text box in the windows form. Is there any way to add new property to that text box. The property like mandatory attributes are True and False. If set property Mandatory true .. the text box will show one red astrerik image.
Can i do like this....
What did you try?
What did you try so far?
Not clear what exactly do you want to achieve. How a property is related to attributes? (Probably you don't mean .NET attributes, but something else.) Anyway, I told you how to add a property, you think how to use it. Or ask a follow-up question, but try to be more clear then so far.
Ah, I got it. Please see my updated answer. Problem completely solved.
You confused me with your term "attributes". Remember, "Attribute" is a very certain and special thing in .NET, a way to pass additional metadata which can be read by Reflection. Learn about them; this is important stuff.
Good luck,
rajugknr 28-Dec-12 2:12am
You are welcome. Are you thinking to accept the answer formally (green button)?

1 solution

This control is nothing but a class, not a sealed one. So, naturally, you can create a derived class and add any property you want, as well as any other member:
class MyTextBox : System.Windows.Forms.TextBox {
    string MyNewProperty { get; set; }
    // ...
} // class MyTextBox


Now, with your Mandatory you really need fully-fledged property features, such as the setter:

class MyTextBox : System.Windows.Forms.TextBox {
    internal bool Mandatory {
        get { return mandatory; }
        set {
            if (value == mandatory) return;
            mandatory = value;
            Invalidate(); // important step; that's why you need property
    bool mandatory;
    protected override void OnPaint(PaintEventArgs eventArgs) {
        if (mandatory) {
        } else {
    // ...
} // class MyTextBox

Got the idea?


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