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I do not want any tabs on the menu apparessent that after authentication?
WHAT should MUST I do please??
i want to test it whith the login and password
I have two users, suddenly everyone has these specific tab
so I want to test if user1 is authentificate ......
and same for the second

THIS IS THE expression

<% if(Request.IsAuthentificated)
<%: Html.ActionLink ("test", "test", "Home")%> .
Updated 27-Dec-12 21:29pm
Oleksandr Kulchytskyi 28-Dec-12 3:41am
Please , elaborate your question!!! Describe in more details about your specific issue
Vani Kulkarni 28-Dec-12 3:54am
Your question is unclear. Please elaborate.
loylmed 28-Dec-12 7:59am
in the menu i have 4 tabs ans i have 2 users
evry one has her property role,after authentification i want that another tabs appear but we have a difference between users because evry one has her preporty tabs so i want that for example "about" appear when user1 is authentificate and "details" appear only whene user2 is authentificate
ArpitDubey 28-Dec-12 15:46pm
Which menu u are using web control asp:menu or jquery / mootools based html menu.

Please elaborate.

1 solution

I'm not sure of the MVC4.0 syntax but You could test for the roles as well as to see if the user is logged in....the psuedo code for it would be something along the lines of...

If request.auntheticated
  If userrole is admin
    show admin menu
    show member menu
  end if
  show default public menu
end if

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