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i have 2 string arrays of same length i need them to form a 2d string array with array1 in first column and array 2 in second column to get the output i used to use:
System.IO.File.WriteAllLines(@"\\Path\Output.txt", ArrayName);

this works fine for 1d array but doesn't work for 2d array

please help
Updated 28-Dec-12 3:25am


It doesn't work for a 2D array, because the second parameter of the WriteAllLines funtion must be a 1D array. To write a 2D array to a file, have a look at the first answer of this question:[^]
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Member 9715673 28-Dec-12 21:47pm    
Thanks, I am able to get the output in a text file now. But the orientation is not as desired. How can I get the output in a tabular format?
Thomas Daniels 29-Dec-12 3:39am    
For a string[][] or a string[,]?
Member 9715673 7-Jan-13 5:50am    
Thomas Daniels 7-Jan-13 12:31pm    
Try this:
StringBuilder outputBuilder = new StringBuilder();
for (int i = 0; i < ArrayName.GetLength(0); i++)
for (int j = 0; j < ArrayName.GetLength(1); j++)
outputBuilder.Append(ArrayName[i, j]);
if (j != ArrayName.GetLength(1) - 1)
Member 9715673 18-Jan-13 4:20am    
the entries are of variable length in both the columns
i was looking to have them arranged in a tabular manner like

Array1 Array2
wqqwqwq | eyuyuiyuy
dsdsdsds | youyuiyuiuyiuyiuy
jkljlkjlkjlkjljl | 9089898djdidkkd
even here the output is not coming as desired :(

I'm fine even if there are no separators like the === and| used here
but i do need the second column to start from the same point in every row
currently the output is jagged like this

wqqwqwq eyuyuiyuy
dsdsdsds youyuiyuiuyiuyiuy
jkljlkjlkjlkjljl 9089898djdidkkd

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