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Hello folks..

I have a text box in which I m trying to call a function on its OnBlur event.
The function is defined in the aspx.cs page.
Problem arises when I try to debug, it says the function Text_Blur is not defined.
Below is the code:
Front end:

<asp:TextBox ID="txtAutoComplete" runat="server" OnBlur="Text_Blur"  CssClass="TextStyleFilter"></asp:TextBox>

Code Behind, aspx.cs:
public event EventHandler OnChange;

 protected void Text_Blur(object sender, EventArgs e)

            if (OnChange != null)
                OnChange(this, EventArgs.Empty);

The event handler OnChange is to invoke an event in another user control.
Where am I going wrong?Any suggestions will be highly appreciated.

Updated 30-Dec-12 20:16pm


OnBlur is a javascript function for asp:Textbox. You should be writing the function in javascript instead of writing it in C# code.


Thank you,
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Anurag Sinha V 31-Dec-12 2:32am    
how about OnChange event for an asp:TextBox?
And I dnt think I would be able to call an event handler for another user control in the Javascript function for OnBlur?
Any suggestions??
Zafar Sultan 31-Dec-12 3:03am    
What is the event you want to invoke in your user control? Which control inside that fires it? A button? Textbox? DropdDownList?
Uou could if you really need to handler the event on server side, have a javascript handler for blur and then click an asp:Button in that handler that will then handler the method in your code behind. But like the previous solution handling fully in javascript might be best for user experience. Maybe send whatever info you have to a web service using ajax.
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