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I am trying to port a visual studio add-in from Visual Studio 6 to Visual Studio 2008. The base code is written in VC++ using COM interface.

On checking Visual Studio 2008, the interfaces in developing Add-ins are different in Visual Studio 2008. Is it possible to blindly port from Visual Studio 6 to higher version. Which of the following option to choose, Create an add-in using Visual C++/CLR or create an add-in using Visual C++/ATL? Which all options to choose from Visual Studio Add-in options dialog? How to port the existing interfaces in Visual Studio 6?

My requirement is to list the add in as a new tool bar in Visual Studio 2008.
I am a new comer in using COM and Add-in's. So it would be extremely helpful, if some one out there can help me.


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It's pretty much re-writing.

COM programming was way too archaic and inconvenient. Remember that COM was created to allow for object-oriented programming and interoperation between different object-oriented languages for a platform with not object-oriented API. Now when we have .NET, why would we keep using those crutches? :-)

I would advise you start from scratch using your old implementation just for reference purposes.

Please see:[^],[^].

This CodeProject article can also be useful: Visual Studio Add-in Library[^].


I'm not sure what kind of C++ porting are you asking about, but if you are talking about Add-Ins, you will have to work with .NET, which is much smoother than native development. And the language cannot be plain C++; you will need a very different thing, C++/CLI (or C#).

Please see:[^],[^],[^].

If you are talking about native C++ development, I would highly recommend to learn very much improved C++11. Please see:[^],[^].

This is a good tutorial:[^].

Happy New Year!

ria.sachin 1-Jan-13 20:37pm
Thanks a lot for taking time and helping out. I have to port from VC++ 6.0 to VC++ 9.0 as it is intended to be used only for VC++ platform. I am getting a lot of help files when porting to .NET languages like C# and VB. But not much help is there when porting VC++. Is there any articles related to porting to VC++ higher version?
Agree. You hardly can find a lot of literature on porting, specifically (who would right it and why?), but I would recommend you to learn C++/CLI and C++11. Please see the references and some explanation in my updated answer, after [EDIT].

Now, how about your original answer? Don't you think you can accept it formally already (green button)? — thanks.

ria.sachin 2-Jan-13 9:54am
Thanks a lot for helping out and sending me the links. It is very helpful.

Thanks & Regards
You are very welcome.
Good luck, call again.

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