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I have an interface that contains the user information including their role, and I have a hyperlink that points to an interface of roles.

I want that the contents of text fields 'Role' of the first interface is displayed in the other text field of the second interface when I click on the hyperlink 'Role'

Help me PLZ!!!!
Zoltán Zörgő 3-Jan-13 5:38am    
What is the meaning of "interface" in this case? You have two different web pages opened in two different browser windows and you want to pass information on client side from one window to another? What is the relation of these windows - how are they opened?
loylmed 3-Jan-13 7:37am    
no i want to go in form to other form
when i go to the second fomr by an hyperlink in the first,i want that the data of the text field in the first form display in the text field in the second fomr
Zoltán Zörgő 3-Jan-13 9:07am    
Just to be clear: two forms on the same page?
loylmed 3-Jan-13 10:18am    
no,two separate fomrs

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