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SELECT c.* , v.*
  FROM UserEnrolleds u
  INNER JOIN Courses c ON u.CourseId =
  INNEr JOIN Videos v ON v.CourseID = c.Id
  WHERE u.UsersID = '8851d572-eaff-4a84-9ec8-aa144fecfea2'

What I have tried:

please help me this how to convert sql to linq
Updated 10-Sep-19 23:43pm
F-ES Sitecore 11-Sep-19 5:00am    
google "linq join", this is extensively documented.
tyson Hamda 11-Sep-19 5:23am    
I did but the problem is I never work with these LINQ Statements before. So if you or anyone can convert this query for me. Thanks
jimmson 11-Sep-19 5:43am    
There's always the first time for everybody. Better start learning ;)

1 solution

You can do something like this
var resultList = (from u in context.UserEnrolleds
	join c in context.Courses on u.CourseId equals c.Id
	join v in context.Videos on v.CourseId equals c.Id
    where u.UserId == "8851d572-eaff-4a84-9ec8-aa144fecfea2"
	select new { 
           CourseName = c.CourseName, 
           VideoUrl = v.Url, 

select new
'll give you anonymous type then you can map it to data transfer object.
Or map it at the same time like
select new CourseVideoDto {
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