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If I have a Model :

public class Book
   public string Title { get; set; }
   public List<Author> Authors { get; set; }

public class Author
   public string Name { get; set; }

Now my problems is how can I notify when I make changes on my model(Book) (in codebehind and not in UI)?

Lets say I changed the name of one of the author

myBook.Authors[0].Name = "New Name";

I want to change the name of the author in code behind, and the UI will reflect the change I made in the code behind.

LIke this

Book TItle |
New Name |
Author2 |
Author3 |

Do I need to change the List<author> to ObservableCollection<author>?
But based on what I understand on MVVM. The Nofication must be implemented in the ViewModel.

Please help!!

Thank you.
Updated 5-Jan-13 23:47pm

1 solution

You should really not be changing the value in the view model unless it is absolutely required.
Implement NotifyPropertyChanged in the view model and then set the value in the view model itself.
Daskul 6-Jan-13 6:10am
Do you mean I need to create two ViewModels? AuthorViewModel and BookViewModel that will contain ObservableCollection of AuthorViewModel?

But I want my Models be synchronized to whatever changes happened so that when I want to save my Models data lets say in a persistence storage.

How can I do that? I dont want to use the ViewModels data instead of MOdels data to be saved in persistence storage. Because base on what I understand about MVVM, ViewModels are just for supplying data on VIews and not on Business Layer.

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