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i have this table

plantid name
1 tree
1 rose
2 bush
3 tree
3 bush
3 rose

please help me sqlite code to produce this i try this by there is an error

plantid name1 name2 name3 ...
1 tree rose NULL
2 shrub NULL NULL
3 tree rose bush

What I have tried:

select plantid,
max(case when nameRn = 'name1' then name end) Name1,
max(case when nameRn = 'name2' then name end) Name2,
max(case when nameRn = 'name3' then name end) Name3
select plantid, name,
concat('name', @num := if(@plantid = `plantid`, @num + 1, 1)) as nameRn,
@plantid := `plantid` as dummy
select plantid, name, @rn:=@rn+1 overall_row_num
from yourtable, (SELECT @rn:=0) r
) x
order by plantid, overall_row_num
) src
group by plantid;
Updated 12-Sep-19 21:32pm
Richard MacCutchan 12-Sep-19 11:11am
Please, please, please, tell us what the error is. And show which line of code it occurs on.
ZurdoDev 12-Sep-19 11:29am
Google how to convert rows into columns. Or the other approach would be to concatenate rows together.
Mohamed iki 12-Sep-19 13:38pm

Maciej Los 13-Sep-19 5:28am
Take a look at the GROUP_CONCAT function: SQLite group_concat() function - w3resource[^]
Maciej Los 13-Sep-19 5:28am
"select  id,max( case when name = 'tree' then name end) as name1,max(case when name = 'rose' then name end ) as name2 from table_name group by id";

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