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So I'm dynamically adding some content to a DIV, which potentially includes

This works great, but the browser (Chrome in this case) appears to be caching the CSS, so that if I change the CSS in the "editor", the HTML "preview" (inside the DIV) no longer updates. If I change the referencing CSS name (for example, the class name) then the "preview" updates reflecting the new change.

After much googling, I have not been able to find a way to tell the browser to discard it's CSS cache. This is NOT CSS being loaded from the server. It's IN MEMORY on the client-side, as part of the "editor" whose contents then get copied over to the DIV.

So please, don't tell me I need to add
information to the href -- the CSS is NOT coming from the server -- there is no server -- and therefore there is no href!

So, is there some way to tell the browser to clear/refresh it's CSS cache?

Adding meta tags to not cache didn't work.

What I have tried:

meta tags didn't work. No luck with googling the answer!
Updated 12-Sep-19 8:44am

1 solution

Never mind - I just found the answer, after a couple days of googling, I discovered the CSS DOM. So doing something like this:


for the style sheets that aren't part of the overall page, works. And oddly, once the rules are deleted, it continues to work when I edit the style values in the "editor."

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