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dummy = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("$ XLIST \"\" \"*\"  \r\n");
 byte[] dummy ;
   System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient tcpc = new System.Net.Sockets.TcpClient("", 993);
            System.Net.Security.SslStream ssl = new System.Net.Security.SslStream(tcpc.GetStream());
ssl.Write(dummy, 0, dummy.Length);
buffer = new byte[2048];
bytes = ssl.Read(buffer, 0, 2048);
 dummy = Encoding.ASCII.GetBytes("$ LOGOUT \r\n");
            ssl.Write(dummy, 0, dummy.Length);

-- this command is not working --i can login into gimap using username and password
but im not able to execute any commands
im getting bad could not parse command -- message from gimap
bellpatricia 22-Sep-17 3:14am    
Try using this command: * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \Inbox) "/" "Inbox"
Or perhaps this command: * XLIST (\HasNoChildren \AllMail) "/" "[Gmail]/All Mail"
Last as an FYI, if you're interested in simplifying this task then you should check out this imap client class for c#.

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