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Hi all,
Please help me to find regex:
I have value like: 'Martin Lucas'
and my input string is : 'My name is Martin Lucas, i am working with Mr ABC'.
now i have to match whether the name 'Martin Lucas' is exist in given string.
please suggest the regular expression

previously i was using

@"(^|\s)" + mentioned_profilename + @"(\s|$)"

this in my regex.. it was working fine. but can not match the value ends with ','
eg if following is my string
hello @Nagsdada KumarDada, @Vishal Shimpi and @Hatim Jawad

in this @Nagsdada KumarDada was not getting match
Updated 7-Jan-13 1:33am
Zoltán Zörgő 7-Jan-13 6:09am
Vishal.Shimpi144 7-Jan-13 6:35am
hi i want to find exact match eg Martin Lucas / Martin Lucas, /

1 solution

A regex is probably overkill: the string.Contains method would do it as well.
But the regex is very, very simple:
Martin Lucas

or possibly

But for real accuracy:
Vishal.Shimpi144 7-Jan-13 6:28am
hi, your solutions is not working for following condition
My input string is "hello @Nagsdada KumarDada, @Vishal Shimpi and @Hatim Jawad"
and i have values like '@Nagsdada KumarDada', '@Vishal Shimpi', '@Hatim Jawad' in my DB. i have applaid for loop but with your regex it finds only '@Vishal Shimpi' this value
OriginalGriff 7-Jan-13 6:33am
Show your loop!
Vishal.Shimpi144 7-Jan-13 6:38am
int useridcount = 0;
string mentioned_profilename = "";
string profilename = "";
string tp = "";
useridcount = getmentioneduserid.Count;
List<string> list = new List<string>();

for (int x = 0; x < useridcount; x++)
tp = getmentioneduserid[x]["PhoughtMentionedUserId"].ToString();
Guid metioneduserid = Guid.Empty;
metioneduserid = new Guid(tp);
mentioned_profilename = '@' + PhinkitBLL.User.GetUserName(metioneduserid);
profilename = PhinkitBLL.User.GetUserProfileName(metioneduserid);

bool contains = Regex.IsMatch(phoughttext, @"(^|\s)" + mentioned_profilename + @"(\s|$)");

if (contains == true)
//string txtPhought = Phought;

phoughttext = Regex.Replace(phoughttext, mentioned_profilename, "" + mentioned_profilename + "");

return phoughttext;
OriginalGriff 7-Jan-13 6:46am
Your regex is different from the ones I gave you. You do not match "Nagsdada KumarDada" because it is followed by a comma, which you do not check for. Do you see the end bit of the last one I gave? It checks for punctuation...
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