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i opened my windows application solutions file at today morning its showing the project file was unloaded in the solution explorer ., but it was working fine till yesterday night., now what happened why i am getting this error now i am unable to open my project please help me out
Updated yesterday

We can't tell - we do not know what you did last time it worked to stop it working.
However, you can try adding it back in: Right click the solution in the Solution explorer, and select "Add...Existing Project". Follow the dialogs to put your project back in the solution.
right click on solutions files in solution explorer and right click then choose reload project. it will recover old files
you also open your project from the documents where the window application is saved ,i think if you run the application from the document then vs2010 and then the winform something u will be able to recover all the files!!!
In my case, run visual studio in admin mode solved it.
Apparently, I was earlier running VS in admin mode to allow "attach to process" while running local IIS
Member 14814137 14-Jun-20 8:17am
Thanks, you saved my day. i was facing same problem in in visual 2019 where im running my web on local IIS instead of IIS Express. Running visual studio as admin solved my problem.
Change the name of the folder back to what it was, and then it will work.
close application then delete .vs file and reopen the visual studio
Richard Deeming yesterday
The .vs folder was not created by any version of Visual Studio which was available when this already-solved question was posted. It was introduced by VS2015, whereas this question was posted in 2013.

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