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I inserting a date in the format of 'dd/MM/yyyy'.But in database it is storing in the following format 'MM/dd/yyyy'.how should i solve this pblm?

Date will always be stored in MM/dd/yyyy format in sql server. If you want it in dd/MM/yyyy format try converting it.
For example
SELECT convert(varchar, getdate(), 103)  --dd/mm/yyyy

Check out
How to format datetime & date in Sql Server 2005[^]
SQL Server Date Formats[^]
The best ways is keep date column datatype as datetime and whenever you want to retrieve data from database then you can fetch in different format for ex. you can also try some other no. also
SELECT convert(varchar, getdate(), 103)<pre lang="sql">--08/01/2013 --dd/MM/yyyy
SELECT convert(varchar, getdate(), 105) --08-01-2013 --dd-MM-yyyy
SELECT convert(varchar, getdate(), 109) --Jan  8 2013  2:24:17:140PM</pre>
You don't. If you store it as a date, then what you see is a rendering detail, the database is not using any format at all, it's just showing it in a format when it shows it, based on the locale of the server. If your server is in the US and you want to show dd/mm/yyyy, use the ToString method on the DateTime class to change the format in the place that makes sense, the presentation layer.
Not a problem. While displaying in web page, you need to change the format.
You can try this:
Label1.Text = DateFromDataBase.ToString("dd/MM/yyyy");


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