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I need to get(retrieve) mysql databse data to java array list and print one by one using indexes...
I already tried normal do-while for retrieve, but i need to take values to array list...

What I have tried:

public class Portdetails 
    public static void main(String[] args) {
                    try ( Connection cn = (Connection) DriverManager.getConnection("jdbc:mysql://localhost/airportinfo","root",""))
                        Statement smt=(Statement) cn.createStatement();
                        //query to display all records from table employee
                        String q="SELECT * FROM airportinfo";
                        //to execute query
                        ResultSet rs=smt.executeQuery(q);
                        //to print the resultset on console
                            System.out.println("Record Not Found...");
		catch(Exception e)
Updated 2-Oct-19 20:28pm
ZurdoDev 15-Sep-19 20:53pm
What is the question?
James.Read(JR) 15-Sep-19 20:57pm
I need to retrieve mysql database data to array list and pass them to adjacency list by using index..
Maciej Los 3-Oct-19 3:24am
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Richard MacCutchan 3-Oct-19 4:05am
Instead of using System.out.println for each record, add the items to your array list.

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