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I has access key,secret key and bucketname.And I want to download the file on the server with amazon s3 using them.How do I download with these 3 information.

What I have tried:

I searched and I applied the code I found, but I get an error.Error is connection failure was thrown.

private const string bucketName = "my bucket name";
        private const string keyName = " my secret key";
        // Specify your bucket region (an example region is shown).
        private static readonly RegionEndpoint bucketRegion = RegionEndpoint.USWest2;
        private static IAmazonS3 client;

        public static void Main()
            client = new AmazonS3Client(bucketRegion);

        static async Task ReadObjectDataAsync()
            string responseBody = "";
                GetObjectRequest request = new GetObjectRequest
                    BucketName = bucketName,
                    Key = keyName
                using (GetObjectResponse response = await client.GetObjectAsync(request))
                using (Stream responseStream = response.ResponseStream)
                using (StreamReader reader = new StreamReader(responseStream))
                    string title = response.Metadata["x-amz-meta-title"]; // Assume you have "title" as medata added to the object.
                    string contentType = response.Headers["Content-Type"];
                    Console.WriteLine("Object metadata, Title: {0}", title);
                    Console.WriteLine("Content type: {0}", contentType);

                    responseBody = reader.ReadToEnd(); // Now you process the response body.
            catch (AmazonS3Exception e)
                Console.WriteLine("Error encountered ***. Message:'{0}' when writing an object", e.Message);
            catch (Exception e)
                Console.WriteLine("Unknown encountered on server. Message:'{0}' when writing an object", e.Message);   //this line error.
Updated 1-Oct-19 13:36pm
[no name] 23-Sep-19 20:21pm
Do you not think it would be beneficial to post that code so we can see what you might be doing wrong? After all, we are not mind readers, nor do we have psychic abilities to guess what's causing your error...
Member 14169626 24-Sep-19 16:00pm
I've been trying to do it with my research from the internet.
ZurdoDev 2-Oct-19 9:46am
The exact error would be helpful.
Refer to Amazon's documentation. I imagine they must have some examples.
What line of code causes the error?

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