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Hello all,

My goal is to display my database table values ( I have two columns as Total and Used) on a pie chart. I used the WPFToolkit for the chart control and created a pie chart structure.

but I am stuck with binding the chart to the datasource.

Any one can pls suggest me a solution. Thanks !

This is what i have tried :

public List<ram> getRamData()
          List<ram> list = new List<ram>();
          string query = "select top 1 Used,Total from UsageRam";
          cmd = new SqlCommand(query, con);
          dr = cmd.ExecuteReader();
          while (dr.Read())
              var reading = new ram
                  Used = Convert.ToInt32(dr[0]),
                  Total = dr[1].ToString()
Updated 9-Jan-13 2:52am
Sanjay Debnath 9-Jan-13 7:28am    
may be this can help
BuBa1947 9-Jan-13 7:37am    
Thank you sanjay, I have refereed these links already. But in both links, they have binded the Itemsource from list , not from a database. my question is , how to bind Pie Chart datacontext to a DataBase
Sandeep Mewara 9-Jan-13 8:26am    
Just get the data from database as List.. whats the problem?
BuBa1947 9-Jan-13 8:52am    
@Sandeep Mewara: Kindly check my code above. is that the right way ?

1 solution

Hello, please take a look over here, it could solve your problem, perhaps :[^]
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