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so i just learned about argumentative functions and i was told to end a function you put its name and then () but with how argumentative functions work this would not work

What I have tried:

what have you tried? looking it up
Updated 28-Sep-19 22:01pm
Visweswaran N 29-Sep-19 1:45am    
Could you please describe briefly what you are trying to achieve and what is going wrong? By far my understating from "unction you put its name and then () " is are you looking for something like recursion?

I think you mean "Function Arguments", rather than "Argumentative Functions" - the latter doesn't exist and implies that the functions prefer to shout at each other rather than do anything useful! :laugh:

Function can have arguments, which are values that you can pass into the function for it to process, or they can have no arguments.
To declare a function with arguments, you write the list after the name:
def doubleIt(number)
   return number + number
And you can then call it with a different value each time:

If you don't want to pass any values to a function, then you leave the brackets empty:
def showMenu()
   print ("Press 1 for Sales")
   print ("Press 2 for Accounts")
   print ("Press 3 for the operator")
   print ("Press 0 to quit")

There are more details here: Python Functions (def): Definition with Examples[^] and here: Python Function Arguments (Default, Keyword and Arbitrary)[^]
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CPallini 29-Sep-19 3:57am    
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CPallini 29-Sep-19 3:57am    

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