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Hi everyone I have an application that manages database . This application is used by 40 different computers over a shared network drive.

What I have tried:

I was using .mdb MS Access database and this file was on a network shared drive tp which my application connects. This was good but very slow till it got corrupted somehow. So I covered the database to sql server 2014 and I rewrote everything in my application to be compatible with sql server. Its very good but my organization will take about 3 months or more to host the database to a running server . And this is impacting my operations. So I need an alternative reliable solution to which I can convert my database and so that database can be used over network shared drive that accepts multiple users.
Updated 4-Oct-19 20:09pm

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Solution 1

Don't use Access as a multiuser DB - while you can do it, it's not a good idea and will always give you problems.
For a 40 user network, I'd allocate a machine to SQL Server, and use that instead*. SQL Server is designed from multiuser working, and is much, much better at it - especially if your queries are well designed to keep data within the server instead of transferring it all over the network and "picking out the bits you want" in your presentation software. Transfer bandwidth can become a killer very quickly as user numbers rise: 1GB/s for 10 users is about 12.5MB/sec, but the same network speed for 40 users can drop to 3MB/sec when it's busy. Depending on what your DB is used for, that could be very significant!

* With an SSD, loads of RAM, and built in backup systems that get used regularly.
BassamKassem 4-Oct-19 13:31pm
I know that and that is what i did , but it will take a lot of time till my company publish my SQL DB to a running server s for allocating one PC to be used as a server this is not applicable for me as well. i urgently need a work around
OriginalGriff 4-Oct-19 14:01pm
There is no alternative that will do what you want: Access is fundamentally a single user DB, and you have discovered why: it just doesn't scale well to large user numbers. And that is true for all the "Access like" DB's. You need a server system, and that means SQL Server or MySQL - and they both require the same changes to the whole system!

There is no "workaround" to let you temporarily speed up an overworked single user DB...
BassamKassem 4-Oct-19 14:05pm
thanks , i already mentioned above that i had rewrote my application from the scratch to make it compatible with SQL SRV and it is working flawlessly however i can wait till my org publish my DB to a running server . thanks again it seems i will have to wait
MadMyche 4-Oct-19 15:20pm
Why don't you use an instance of SQL Server out on Azure and replicate your data there- the first $150 of charges per month is comped
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Solution 2

Here is a list of Access alternatives: 8 Microsoft Access online alternatives worth looking at -[^]
Personally I'm a big fan of PostgreSQL, but that would of course mean a rewrite of your code, again :)[^]

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