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hey guys,
I have a SBC (single board computer) called HummingBoard. 
2 small cameras are connected to this card and it is connected via a network cable to my computer.
Using external software I can get a picture from both cameras.
Right now my main goal is to write code in C# that could read the video from the same IP address that the card is transmitting and display it to a client written in WPF.
I would be very grateful if you could give me directions on how to get this started.
Right now all I have is an IP address that the card is sure to broadcast the video to and that's it. I mention that these are two cameras transmitting.
Thank you!

What I have tried:

I've tried several external libraries like Ozeski with no success
Updated 6-Oct-19 8:18am
[no name] 6-Oct-19 11:13am    
Unless that "external software" has an "application interface" (i.e. API), you're pretty well out of luck and will have to resort to c/c++. WPF isn't that "low-level".
oronsultan 6-Oct-19 11:20am    
You mean it can't be implemented in C#? I know for sure that the source code of the external software where I see the video is written in Java.
Richard MacCutchan 6-Oct-19 11:44am    
You can use any language, as long as there is an interface API that accesses the data coming from the HummingBoard. But without an API you need to use the manufacturer's documentation to discover how to read from it.

1 solution

If you don't know what protocol is being used, you can use a network analyzer like Wireshark.
This is not for the fainthearted and requires some study.[^]
When you find out what protocol is being used, try to find a library that supports it.

Look, or use the search option in Wireshark, for things like MJPEG, MPEG4, H264, RTSP etc.
For more details about analyzing a video stream see: how to extract information of each video frames in a video streaming with Wireshark? - Ask Wireshark[^]
And: Wireshark – Extract Video from Capture File | theezitguy[^]

I found some information on RTP that might be useful:[^]
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oronsultan 7-Oct-19 2:58am    
hello RickZeeland,
I listened to your advice and installed Wireshark. I can see now that the Src Port is 53567 and the Dst Port is 1900 and the protocol is UDP. How am I supposed to move from here?
RickZeeland 7-Oct-19 3:40am    
See the updated solution :)
oronsultan 7-Oct-19 5:00am    
Thanks again for the quick response. I think I didn't explain myself well enough. I need help finding a way to capture this broadcast and display it via C # and WPF.
RickZeeland 7-Oct-19 8:45am    
If you know the protocol, e.g. RTSP, find a library that you can use e.g. LIVE555 or Streamcoders medialibrary or Intel IPP.
oronsultan 7-Oct-19 9:05am    
the protocol is UDP and the library is datagramsocket (i think).

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