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i have implemented a face detection and recognition in c# windows form using Emgu and OpenCV, it works fine and when the saveButton is clicked the image gets stored in a folder, but when i close the program and re-run it, it doesn't recognize the face anymore, is there any way i can make the program recognize the face even after shutting the program down?

here is my code:

using Emgu.CV;
using Emgu.CV.CvEnum;
using Emgu.CV.Structure;
using System.IO;

namespace aiden
public partial class face_recognition : Form
    MCvFont font = new MCvFont(FONT.CV_FONT_HERSHEY_TRIPLEX, 0.6, 0.6);
    HaarCascade faceDetected;
    Image<Bgr, byte> Frame;
    Capture camera;
    Image<Gray, byte> result;
    Image<Gray, byte> trainedFace = null;
    Image<Gray, byte> grayface = null;
    List<Image<Gray, byte>> trainingImages = new List<Image<Gray, byte>>();
    List<string> labels = new List<string>();
    List<string> users = new List<string>();
    int count, numLabels, t;
    string name, names = null;

    public face_recognition()

        //for face detection
        faceDetected = new 
       string labelsinf = File.ReadAllText(Application.StartupPath + 
            string[] Labels = labelsinf.Split(',');
            numLabels = Convert.ToInt16(Labels[0]);
            count = numLabels;
            string facesLoad;
            for (int i = 1; i < numLabels + 1; i++)
                facesLoad = "face" + i ;
                trainingImages.Add(new Image<Gray, byte>( (Application.StartupPath + "/Faces/Faces.txt"));


        catch (Exception ex)
            MessageBox.Show("not detected");

    private void start_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        camera = new Capture();
        Application.Idle += new EventHandler(frameProcedure);
    private void frameProcedure(object sender, EventArgs e)

        Frame = camera.QueryFrame().Resize(320, 240, INTER.CV_INTER_CUBIC) ;
        grayface = Frame.Convert<Gray, Byte>();
        MCvAvgComp[][] facesDetectedNow=grayface.DetectHaarCascade(faceDetected,1.2,10,HAAR_DETECTION_TYPE.DO_CANNY_PRUNING,new Size(20,20));
        foreach(MCvAvgComp f in facesDetectedNow[0])
            Frame.Draw(f.rect, new Bgr(Color.Green), 3);
            if (trainingImages.ToArray().Length != 0)
                MCvTermCriteria termCriteria = new MCvTermCriteria(count, 0.001);
                EigenObjectRecognizer recognizer = new EigenObjectRecognizer(trainingImages.ToArray(), labels.ToArray(),1500,ref termCriteria);
                name = recognizer.Recognize(result);
                Frame.Draw(name, ref font, new Point(f.rect.X - 2, f.rect.Y - 2), new Bgr(Color.Red));
        cameraBox.Image = Frame;
        names = "";

    private void saveButton_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
        count = count + 1;
        grayface = camera.QueryGrayFrame().Resize(320, 240, INTER.CV_INTER_CUBIC);
        MCvAvgComp[][] detectedFaces = grayface.DetectHaarCascade(faceDetected, 1.2, 10, HAAR_DETECTION_TYPE.DO_CANNY_PRUNING, new Size(20, 20));
        foreach (MCvAvgComp f in detectedFaces[0])
            trainedFace = Frame.Copy(f.rect).Convert<Gray, byte>();

        trainedFace = result.Resize(100, 100, INTER.CV_INTER_CUBIC);

        for (int i = 1; i < trainingImages.ToArray().Length + 1; i++)
            trainingImages.ToArray()[i - 1].Save(Application.StartupPath+"/Faces/face"+i+".bmp");
            File.AppendAllText(Application.StartupPath + "/Faces/Faces.txt", labels.ToArray()[i-1] + ",");

        MessageBox.Show(textBox1.Text + "added");

I want to use face recognition in my login form for my research project. any help would be appreciated.

What I have tried:

i havent had any idea on how to make the program to remember the persons use so that i can use it as a login option
Richard MacCutchan 19-Oct-19 4:19am    
You need to provide more information. How is it failing when you rerun the application?
aiden12 19-Oct-19 7:57am    
basically when the program detects my face i write my name in a textBox and i save it, when i get out of the frame and come back in and detects my face again, it shows the name i have previously entered, but when close and re run the program that doesn't seem to be the case, it doesn't show me the name i have entered my face under before, it doesn't recognize my face, i have been searching for days to find a solution or even a substitute on how to create a face recognizer, i want to use it in my login form so the user can access some part of the program if the program recognizes the face
Richard MacCutchan 19-Oct-19 8:16am    
Where do you load the saved image, and how do you compare it to the current capture?
aiden12 19-Oct-19 8:23am    
that's what i'm dealing with, i want to compare the pictures that i stored in a folder to the current live image and if they match i want it to tell me the name that i saved the picture under, i have no idea on how to compare a live image to already stored pictures
Richard MacCutchan 19-Oct-19 9:06am    
Sorry, neither do I. But this is a fairly common issue these days so I would use Google to find samples and tutorials on the subject.

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