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What hapend in my app?
Can you help me
Change cap in app @oznaka  change to @Oznaka
I must repair all app 
Can you suggets or help me
Thank you

What I have tried:

<pre><pre>string saveStaff = "declare @maxNo integer = 0 select @maxNo = isnull(max(redni_broj), 0) from [dbo].[jedinica_mjere]; Set @maxNo=@maxNo+1;  INSERT into dbo.jedinica_mjere "  
+ " (redni_broj, Oznaka, ime) "  
+ " VALUES (@maxNo,@Oznaka,@ime)";  
using (SqlCommand querySaveStaff = new SqlCommand(saveStaff))  
querySaveStaff.Connection = openCon;  
querySaveStaff.Parameters.Add("@Oznaka", SqlDbType.VarChar, 255).Value = oznakaTextBox.Text;  
querySaveStaff.Parameters.Add("@ime", SqlDbType.VarChar, 255).Value = imeTextBox.Text;  
Updated 28-Oct-19 5:04am

That's not necessary - SQL names aren't case sensitive so Oznaka is teh same as oznaka.
And automating the process will work in Visual studio - a simple Replace can do it - but it'll mess up other stuff unless you are very careful: oznakaTextBox for example: C# variable names are case sensitive!
Goran Bibic 28-Oct-19 8:10am
TextBox, combo box and other thing are ok.
Problem is sql query.
Error is..column not exist Oznaka.
When change to oznaka work all ok.
But why happend that?
I must repair complete app
OriginalGriff 28-Oct-19 8:26am
"@Oznaka" isn't a column name - it's an SQL Variable name, and those aren't case sensitive either:

SET @Oznaka = 666
SELECT @oznaka, @Oznaka, @OZNAKA, @OzNaKa

Will give you "666" four times.

If it's saying "Invalid Column name" then that means the column does not exist, and changing t5eh case in your C# code won't fix that. Go back to your DB, and look at the table definition closely: did you misspell the column, or is it in a different table?
Goran Bibic 28-Oct-19 9:32am
Colunm exist and column name iz oznaka
When change all to oznaka work fine
Goran Bibic 28-Oct-19 9:33am
Why hapeend that? For all my apps...yesterday was to be ok
Richard Deeming 29-Oct-19 11:39am
Apparently, if you create a database with a case-sensitive collation, the object names become case-sensitive too.
SQL Server Case Sensitive Collations and DMVs[^]
Generally SQL Server is not Case Sensitive; however, it is possible to set up the Collation of databases, tables, and the respective content which will make SQL Server case-sensitive.

If everything was working fine one day and then stopped; the first thing I would be checking is to see what changed. I think this would qualify and I would be checking what was changed at the database; and not in the client code. I have a strong feeling that there was some sort of collation change.

Perhaps a read through the problem, answers, and referenced articles here will be of assistance:
Collation: SQL Server Column names case sensitivity - Stack Overflow[^]

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