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Hello There,

My recently deployed and mvc application & core web api application on production environment ( both on different servers)

There is a page which takes almost 20 secs to load which is not consistent some times it takes 5 secs to load on different systems.

How to identify the root cause of the page performance issues.

What are check points to consider while optimizing the performance of the page.

Thanks in advance..

What I have tried:

doing some R&D and checking with analyzing with tools like dotmemory and vs memory anaylzers but didn't any result so far.
Updated 30-Oct-19 1:07am

1 solution

Really hard to tell what is causing your problem, you are going to have to ask yourself some questions and then do some debugging.
What is going on with this one page? Is there a big unoptimized image? Or are you rendering a complex data Model? Are you relying on something that is not part of your site?

Browser Debugger
Right click on the page and choose Inspect Element. Then reload the page and see what portion of the page is taking up the time. It could be the page itself, an image on the page, or a third-party script being called.

If it is the page itself, then Debug the Application
Set a break point at the start of the Controller Action, make sure you are in the Debug profile and not Release, and then start the debugger (F5). Then in your browser, navigate to that page and you should end up looking at that breakpoint.
Now you use the F11 key to step through it, press it and you should be onto the next line. You will quickly figure out what portion is taking up the time when it doesn't bounce to the next line, or you run through a loop many times. You should be able to judge for yourself which line of code is where you are hanging up.
khaleelsyed 3-Nov-19 2:47am
thanks for your suggestions on my question

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