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public void loadImage() {
	        try {
	        	File OrignalImage = new File("c:\\images\\2.jpg");
	        	img =;
	        } catch (Exception e) {

	 public void createBufferedImages() {
	        bufferedimageSrc = new BufferedImage(img.getWidth(this),img.getHeight(this),BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);

	       bufferedimg = bufferedimageSrc.createGraphics();
	       bufferedimg.drawImage(img, 0, 0, this);

	       bufferedimageDest = new BufferedImage(bufferedimageSrc.getWidth(this),bufferedimageSrc.getHeight(this),BufferedImage.TYPE_INT_RGB);
	        bufferedimage = bufferedimageSrc;

public void greyimage() {

    	if(gray) {
    		Imgproc.cvtColor(src, dst, Imgproc.COLOR_RGB2GRAY);

What I have tried:

i used Method to covert the buffered to mat but still its not working the distnation image on the graphics 

public void update(Graphics g) {
        g.clearRect(0, 0, getWidth(), getHeight());

    public void paintComponent(Graphics g) {
        Graphics2D g2D = (Graphics2D) g;

        g2D.drawImage(bufferedimage , 0, 0, this);
Updated 8-Nov-19 9:07am
phil.o 8-Nov-19 12:16pm
Please define 'not working' first.
Richard MacCutchan 8-Nov-19 12:44pm
Please edit your question, show the code that you are having a problem with and, as phil.o suggests, explain what you mean by "not working".
Member 14649324 8-Nov-19 12:54pm
The image is loaded to the ghraphics2d but dont know about the processed image like want to to canny edge so how i can do that to load the edged image to the graphics to show

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