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Hello there.

I'm the CEO of a small company, I have about 25 people working in various places around the city.

I want them to use a future application to exchange real time information ( for example, where they are, when they started/stopped working, pictures, videos, emails, and so on ... ).

I want my personnel to be able to have access to this application through the net in order to put their data.

I thought about developing this simple application with NodeJS as it is low level (therefore fast), has access to the underlying hardware ( to a certain extent ) and can perfectly handle real time data exchange since its whole principle is to do asynchronous tasking.

Plus it would give a great stack of (HTML+CSS) + JS programming languages to deal with, no need to use PHP, Python or other backend language.

The idea is to have at the end an web application that can be accessed via any device.

A technological orientation would help me a lot.

What I have tried:

I made a prototype with ExpressJS and NodeJS, a simple web application hosted locally that can manipulate mySQL database ( that I created through phpMyAdmin ). It work well, if WAMP is running. But I dont know if I should continue in this path ... 
Andy Lanng 12-Nov-19 5:42am    
It's a perfectly valid approach. if you want to be really bleeding edge then you could give it a GoLang backend, but that's just another language to learn (but it is easy and even more lightweight than node)
Personally, I'd write my backend in Nodejs and front end in NodeJs with React, but whatever you find easiest ^_^

As for "available on any device"? Well every device has a web browser ^_^

1 solution

Without knowing exactly what you are doing it is hard to say.

You can do quite a bit with nodejs and html.
So logging start and stop times is possible with a basic web interface.

The issue comes when you say you want to take pictures, videos and link to emails etc.
I am assuming you want to do this via a mobile phone.
You will need to take the picture and the phones may not all be the same unless you
provide them for your workers. So you will need to access the hardware
(camera or photo store) on the phone. You can do this with Java.
Look at Codename One as a start, it allows multi-platform builds from one code base.

You will then need a REST/ SOAP service to connect to on your server this can be done
with js or java. You might want to look at jquery and the fetch() method.

You can also look at service providers like Aeromark who allow you to customise work
flows and already do a lot of what you are looking for in regards the mobile app;
ie taking pictures and sending messages etc..

You can also look at Kirona DRS as well for similar options.

You can also have your own in house software that makes REST /SOAP calls to these
service providers as I have found they never quite match up exactly what you need
but they do give you a great running start

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