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I have to post image to the linkedin from my mvc applicaiton.

What I have tried:

<blockquote class="quote"><div class="op">Quote:</div> function ShareLinkedIn() {
            var Array = $('#VacancyGrid [name=id]:checked').map(function() {
                return $(this).val();

            if (Array == "") {
                showAlertMessage("Alert", "Please select vacancy."); // alert();
            } else {

                    url: '@Url.Action("LinkedINAuth", "Vacancy")',
                    data: { vacancyIds: Array.toString() },
                    async: true,
                    type: 'POST',
                    cache: false,
                    success: function(datas) {
                        var html = datas.split(',')[0].toString();
                        var image = datas.split(',')[1].toString();
                        //txp2rKYpuKZXaaYC5kB-m13KnVE Initialize with your app public key  QdDTUvqmt2uX6kg4M5Fonvyn7c4
                        // $('#auth').show();
                        OAuth.popup('linkedin2').then(linkedin => {
                            console.log('linkedin:', linkedin);
                        // Get your linkedin profile id:
               => {
                            let id =;
                            url: "/v2/shares",
                            data: JSON.stringify({
                                "content": {
                                    "contentEntities": [
                                            "description": "We are hiring Deserving candidate for Dubai Location",
                                            "entityLocation": html,
                                            "thumbnails": [
                                                    "imageSpecificContent": {
                                                        "width": 1200,
                                                        "height": 628
                                                    "resolvedUrl": image
                                    "title": "Current Hiring"
                                "distribution": {
                                    "linkedInDistributionTarget": {}
                                "owner": `urn:li:person:${id}`,
                                "subject": "Current Hiring",
                                "text": {
                                    "text": "Current Hiring!"
                headers: {
                    "x-li-format": "json",
                    "X-Restli-Protocol-Version": "2.0.0",
                    "Content-Type": "application/json"
            }).then(data => {
                console.log("success:", data);
        }).fail(err => { console.log("err:", err) });

Updated 21-Sep-22 2:08am
Richard MacCutchan 15-Nov-19 3:14am    
Most likely by using linkedin's published interface.
prakash00060 15-Nov-19 4:08am    
have you any solution
prakash00060 15-Nov-19 8:41am    
have you any other options in mvc

I would look into using the LinkedIn API, which is well documented by MicroSoft:
Share on LinkedIn - LinkedIn | Microsoft Docs[^]
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prakash00060 15-Nov-19 8:41am    
have you any other options in mvc
There is a great NuGet Packages available + find code samples here

Super Easy Way to Automate Posting on LinkedIn with .Net - CodeHelper[^]

Quick explanation
1. You create your LinkedInHelper by giving your access token
2. Execute the ShareImage Method

LinkedInHelper _helper = new() { AccessToken = "AQVjgglPI-......" };
var _id = await _helper.GetAuthorID();
_helper.AuthorType = AuthorTypes.Company;
byte[] _image = File.ReadAllBytes(@"c.\...\LinkedIntestImage.jpeg");
await _helper.ShareImage("Welcome LinkedIn Image Share", _image, VisibilityTypes.Public, "My Image Title", "MyImage Description");
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