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How do I use C dlls in C#?

Meb56 asked:

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I developed a dll for specific calculations with matlab and compiled it with mcc.
One of the dlls functions uses pointer to records as result types. This works fine with delphi/pascal constructing records with the same field types as used in the C-Code of the dll. For the dll interface, I use pointer to this record types.

C inplementation of my result record
struct TRecordField {
        char Key[100];    
        byte TypID;          
        int ElemSize;       
        int Rows, Cols;     
        void *Buffer;

Now I try to use the same dll in C#. The address of my result records is given to the dll function getResults with the & Operator, like in the code snippet beneath.
Only the char array 'Key' (represented as byte array in C#) of the records is correct filled after the dll call, numbers (of type int or byte) are always zero.

C# Dll function declaration
	public static extern int getResults(TRecordField* Root);

C# struct implementation
unsafe public struct TRecordField
  public fixed byte Key[100];  // --> this one is filled correct with chars from a 
                               //     string
  public byte TypId;   // all other values remain 0
  public int Elemsize;
  public int Rows, Cols;
  public void* Buffer;

TRecordField Root;

C# function call
int Erg = NativeMethods.getResults(&Root);

What I have tried:

I tried some things like "[StructLayout(LayoutKind.Sequential)]" and "[MarshalAs(UnmanagedType.ByValArray, SizeConst = 256)]", but it didnt work.
Tags: C#


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